Monday, December 26, 2005

Jollibee Party!

My baby Janssen celebrated his first birthday party last Dec 17 at Jollibee Ortigas. It was indeed a day to remember! It was fun...lots of kids! Imagine, total number of guests exceeded 100! 125 to be exact!
Party started at exactly 04:00PM and ended 2hours later. Smiles & giggles were all around.. lots of games for kids and young-at-hearts!
Aha! Baby Janssen was able to meet Jollibee.. up-close-and-personal!

Baby Janssen with lola, lolo and Jollibee!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ni Hao Ma!

Had the chance to visit Shanghai last week, Nov 11-14. On-board an early PR flight to Pudong, Shanghai, I was so excited to visit Shanghai. Considered as 'Paris of Asia', me and my friend Leslie set foot to Pudong International Airport around 0930H.

.. to be continued..
have a glimpse of our pics here

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

KL trip

Was on-board PR507 last friday to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ETD 1500H but the flight was one-hour delayed. Actual time of departure was 1600H, KUL is 3.5 hours flight from MNL.. we arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 2000H.
No itinerary on the day of our arrival to KUL, since we arrived late na. We stayed at Phantai Hill Park, fully furnished-condominium type with 3 bedrooms. Thanks to Bajon (husband of my friend Ruvee) for allowing us to squat sa place nya (imagine, 7 kami nakituloy!).
Second day (SAT), had to wake up early. . . our first stop is the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Cab from Phantai Hill to Univeristi Stn (MRT) - KLCC Stn. We were scheduled 11.15 for the guided Skybridge visit Petronas Twin Towers.
Third stop for the day, lunch at Nandos resto (parang Kenny Rogers!)..sarap ng food specially the chicken & ceazar salad!
After lunch, we went to the market place, close to Chinatown to buy pasalubong (hehe aga ng shopping for pasalubong..first day!).
Last stop for the day is Lowyat Plaza..sort of I.T.mall in KL. Had to pickup my brother-in-law's HP Pavillion DV1317 laptap here, Cycom Enterprise. My friends also bought several items in this place.. mas cheaper daw dito as comparad to Singapore e! My friends managed to buy Canon's latest photoprinter here for only Php6000 (as per them, price daw nito sa Pinas is Php13-14000)...hehe panic buying sila!

Day 2, we went to Batu Caves. 200+ steps plus monkeys all over! huhu exciting at sobrang nakakpagod!

After Batu Caves, we went to Genting Highlands via cable car (SouthEast Asia's fastest and longest cable car) .

See some of our pics here Ü

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Janssen passport

Hopefully before this month ends, my baby janssen will already have his Philippine passport. Im scheduled to apply him a passport this coming saturday, 15October, via roving DFA in San Juan.

Soon after release of his passport, we're planning to bring him to Hongkong Disneyland / Singapore Sentosa / Shanghai. Hmm, so excited to travel with Janssen! Ü

Look at his passport photo Ü ---->

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My first taste of the Middle East

Never had the chance to visit this blogsite for a long time now. Have tons of work these past few weeks =)
Had the chance to visit Dubai last week. On board Emirates Airline flight to Dubai last 15 September, i was so excited and a little bit nervous becuase it was my first trip alone. I checked in early around 0930H at NiNoy AquiNo Int'l Airport 1. Was surprised when check-in agent advised me that I was confirmed in Business Class! hehe lucky me! It took me 9long hours from MNL to DXB. I arrived at Dubai around 530AM, dubai time (GMT +4). Was picked up by a pinoy hotel representative at the airport hotel lobby Ü Checked in at MovenPick Hotel Bur Dubai. Movenpick is a swiss-inspired hotel, staff were all friendly (majority are ang tawag nila s akin..kabayan hehe).

I've met a lot of Filipinos in Dubai, specially at the City Centre shopping mall...para lang akong nasa Megamall! I need to find something for Janssen, thus i spent my last night going around City Centre toy stores. I was accompanied by my Pakistani and British friends Ali and Araf. We also had dinner together at the Hotel restaurant, this time with another friend of mine Mansi (she's from India but now she's working at Dubai).

It was a great experience for me. Had the chance to meet a lot of people from different nationalities Ü My flight back to Manila was 19Sept, 0320H. Checked in around 0100H. The duty free inside Sheik Rashid terminal was so beautiful. Based on several articles I read onboard my flight to dubai, this duty free is considered the best in the region. Was back in Manila 19Sept around 1730PM (GMT +8) Ü

Btw, this was an all-expenses paid trip! Ü

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Baby collage

Look at my collage! Ü

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Never had the chance to update this blog site for the past couple of weeks Ü Damn! im sooooo busy gggrrrr! Lucky for me yesterday was declared non-working holiday... had the luxury to rest and be with my big boy Janssen (he turned 7month-old last Thursday).

As a first time mom, i'm kinda fascinated with Janssen's tricks. Aside from the 'close-open' thing (he already mastered this as early as 4 months!), he's starting to giggle with peeckaboo games. Although he still can't pull himself up to a standing position (hehe my baby can't even crawl pa e... late bloomer!), if you stand him next to the sofa, he's now able to maintain the posture, hanging on for his dear life!

Have to work now. I don't want to stay late today.... not again! For the past 3weeks... and up to seems endless for me! Had to start my day before the clock strikes 8! When it rains. . . it pours! big time! Ü