Monday, June 27, 2005

Cross my fingers!

I had to go straight to Benefits office this morning to re-route our MNL-TAG-MNL tickets to MNL-DPL-MNL. Have decided to pursue our long awaited out-of-town trip to Dakak instead of Bohol. According to my officemates, Dakak Beach Resort is really worth visiting! (PALakbayan land arrangement Php1,800/person 3D/2N stay. . . fair enough!). Had to use my connections to enable hotel reservation prior to my VV booking this morning, hehehe thanks to Tito of Reservations and JP/Chary of Tours!

Looks like this Dakak thing will finally push through, cross my fingers! If everything turns as expected, Joel and I will be onboard PR flight 167 to Dipolog this coming Sat 02 July. . . with return flight back to MNL 3 days after via PR170.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Janssen Aaron

Janssen Aaron is exactly 6month-old today! He's a BIG BOY now, hehehe. Aside from eating his toes (he's sooo good at this!), he has surpassed several milestones now. He can sleep on his own now, no need of tapping, dancing and singing huh!. He eats small portions of almost everything..and i mean everything... chocolate cake, longganiza, kare-kare, biscuits, etc etc etc. At his age, Janssen already know that his name is JANSSEN. Call him by his name and he will surely look towards you as if asking you....why are you calling me?? hehehe.

I love it when i see Janssen smiling and giggling! He has already uttered his first word...dadada! He has a lot of stuffed toys to play around with... but Elmo and Awaw are his favorite! Joel and I managed to buy him a car-type walker (2-in-1 baby-blue colored rocking chair & walker) last week. With music and lights on, i know Janssen loves playing around (or shoud i say eating every single part of his car dashboard and side mirror! hehehe) with his very own auto!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

Time really runs fast. It's been almost 6 months now since I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. From the time i learned that i'm expecting up to this day ( baby Janssen is now starting to utter his first few words . . . da da da!), my husband Joel stood beside me. Though thick and thin, he offered his unconditional and unselfish love.

On your special day, i want to say Thank You for always being there for me and Janssen. Thank you for being a good father to our son. I love you.

The Love We Share
is a beautiful, endless moment...
A moment so special,
time seems to stand still
when we are Together...
A moment so precious,
the rhythm of our Hearts
harmonize with every beat.
On this special day and every day,
I hope you know how much I cherish
all of our moments together.
And how much I treasure you.
Happy Father’s Day,
With All My Love

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I Love You. - - Janssen

Not again!

I'm not supposed to be in the office today . . . already filed my 3-day vacation leave last week in preparation for the Tagbilaran trip! However, due to what happened last Sunday . . . had to postpone the trip. . . sayang! For the second time, my Bohol trip did not push through! Am I not really destined to visit Bohol? =(

Had to call PALakbayan TR-Handler to cancel my Alona Tropical Beach resort reservation first thing in the morning last Monday, 13 of June. Lucky for me the resort wasn't able to confirm my booking up to the time I decided not to push through as planned. Yesterday, i was able to refund the 50% downpayment yahooo!

Joel and I are still planning to pursue the out-of-town trip . . . most probably first week of July. . . either Bohol pa din... or Dakak, Dipolog =)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Goodbye Daday

Friday is my first working day this week! Was on emergency leave starting last tuesday 'til yesterday, 16th of June. I don't feel like working today . . . I'm still not over what happened to my lola 'Daday'. After more than 2 years of suffering, she finally went to see the Lord last 12 of June 2005 around 315PM. She was laid to rest yesterday, 16 June 2005 10AM North Cemetery.

Daday's death has left a huge hole in my heart. She was a very dear lola and a true inspiration. She kept a positive attitude throughout her illness. She never complained. Daday was like a mother to me, and I will miss her greatly. Please pray for her soul and all of the other people who loved her and are mourning her loss. I am certain she is in Heaven smiling down at us.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,I am the swift uplifting rushof quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there,
I did not die.

Lydia Cruz Miranda
October 21, 1920 - June 12, 2005

Friday, June 10, 2005

Bad trip!

Got a call from ticket office earlier, my Bohol Beach Club booking was not confirmed! (Ohhhh my!..i was not expecting this...?! huhuhu) Had to rush to our 'kapitbahay' ticket office, domesticRd branch to refund my 50% downpayment..and of course try to loook out for other available resorts via PALakbayan!

Decided to push through with the Tagbilaran trip..but this time in Alona Tropical Beach Resort! is still to be confirmed either tom or tues! (pls pls pls... confirm my booking..pls pls pls!). My tropa already stayed in Alona when they visited bohol 2yrs ago (i was not able to join them..kaya nga i desperately want this tagbilaran trip to push through!).. OK naman daw tsk tsk tsk.. got some pics from the web =)

Marry free!

Our Tagbilaran trip is exactly a week from now! Can't wait to see the famous chocolate hills and of course not to forget the tarsiers! Earlier, i went straight to PAL benefits office to get Joel's trip pass a.ka. free airline ticket (oooops, actually its not free..had to pay PHp15 for processing fee!..imagine, an airline ticket worth 15bucks! hehe not bad). As for my ticket, I already have one...just needed to re-route it since it was first ticketed as MNL-KLO-MNL a year ago(i was planning to return to Boracay sana e...for the 4th time!).

Already reserved 3D/2N stay in Bohol Beach Club via PALakbayan..but still to be confirmed either this afternoon or early next week (cross my fingers! hehe) But i think.. we have a very good chance considering that the summer, which is considered peak season, is almost through. Unfortunately, the VV booking is still to be confirmed early next week..(hehe since i can access flight booking status...have confirmed that PR175 bound for TAG is still open naman e..since Qpriority ako..Joel&I will definitely have a seat in that flight!).

This tagbilaran trip is not my first option.. initially, our plan this June is to visit CuChi Tunnel in Vietnam and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Was planning a PR MNL-SGN-MNL trip with interline to Seam Reap, Cambodia via VietnamAir. Ang mahal e! hehe the interline fee was 99USD each (kahon!) plus of course the travel tax, VISA to Cambodia, hotel accommodation etc. Don't want to spend that much..sayang! Next time nalang.. save for next year trip to Disneyland, Hongkong! (of course with Baby Janssen! Hahabulin namen si Mickey Mouse!).

Want to travel next time with my baby Janssen! already ticketed his first 2 tickets last march of this year (hehehe as if makaka byahe na baby ko no?!) MNL-PPS-MNL and MNL-KLO-MNL, will expire 1.5years from now. I'm sure daddy Joel would also love to fly with our baby! Want to go back to the Underwater World in Singapore, it's a definite must see for Janssen!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coffee Break!

I had enough! After 2 consecutive meetings.. and with another one which i still need to attend to-- scheduled to start at 4:30 ( whoever scheduled this meeting is clearly not aware of the legal 8 working-hour thing!) and with an approximate duration of 2.5 hours!-- my brain seems to be not properly functioning now. Today is clearly not my lucky day hehehe! Fortunate enough, the last meeting was adjourned 30 minutes early and thus i had the luxury to at least take a coffee break before the next meeting starts.

This has always been my life here in the office. I never had the chance to be 'idle' for sometime. But despite of this, i love my work.. i lovewhat i do Naks! It feels so good that at the end of each day, i have accomplished something and have contributed enough to the company which i owe a lot to (specially the trip pass that enables me to journey 'around the world for free' hehehe sarap!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jacket time!

I rarely wear my jacket here in the office, but today i had the chance to put it on! Its raining heavy outside and the aircon is set to max...huh, really cold! Plus the fact that the centralized aircon (aside from the box type aircon installed near my area) is perfectly providing cooool air. Naks!

It's already fifteen minutes past the hour of one... which means siesta is over! But i'm still not in the mood to return to work. I'm still so sleeeeepyyyy zzzz...zzzzz..zzzz. The room is so quite, as if inviting me to take another short nap. I remember several months ago, while i'm still expecting.. i am allowed to take loooong sleep and be back to work as late as 2pm! hehehe

Need to plug my earphones now! Music has always been my means of fighting this 'dont want to return to work after lunchbreak' attitude (Had the chance to copy Nina Live! mp3 from my officemate... ang ganda! ).

Monday, June 06, 2005

Loooong Meeting

Just got out from a very loooooong meeting! and the worst part of it... no merienda was served! huh...need to walk out several times to get some cookies in my area hehehe. Everyone were very 'in to' discussing unexpected behavior of Plone in the test/training instance of Infoserve website. Well, this project is just one of the many 'experimental' thing i was not that alarmed when after a series of testing in the unit instance... and after several days of QA testing.. Plone is still not behaving as expected in the training box after a successful OSS and DBADS deployment!

Who in the first place suggested to use Plone as the company's intranet CMS? or should i say mandated? The first batch of training was claimed to be successful last Friday, so i was just wondering earlier...why on earth are we discussing a move to scratch out the Plone thing ang get back to the initial step of CMS requirement analysis when in fact...the user training is now on its final stages and the upper management is clearly eyeing a go go of Plone to production? Will this be another Star Office thing? Gulo nyo a! If only I have the power to say such thing as "can you please make up your mind???" or "think! moron.." hehehe.

I was not part of the initial Plone project..and now..when it seems that Plone is not behaving as expected... my boss wanted me to part of the project team. Fair noh?? Plus, was mandated to conduct an extensive analysis on CMS requirements and comparison of several commercial and open-source CMSs... initally my reaction was "'yoko nga! you started that...tapusin nyo!" heheh but of course that was for myself lang! mahirap na mawalan ng trabahon ngayon merong free airline ticket!

Speaking of airline ticket.. have checked the booking of MNL-TAG-MNL earlier and confirmed that the flight to Tagbilaran, Bohol is still open..hehe That means, it's a definitely GO! to Bohol Beach Club...rain or shine!

Friday, June 03, 2005


While everybody is busy packing up and moving things around the area (yahooo! office renovation time!), i'm here quietly unable to do my share of clearing the site due to tons of work waiting to be accomplished. Quite unfair huh? TGIF... it's suppose to be 'half-day' work here?? pressured with deadlines, i never had the chance to at least take a coffee-break for the last 3 days...tsk tsk..pitty!

My boss is not around today.. When the cat is away...naah! Nevermind! Need to finish all pending tasks...undending program checkout, cms requirement analysis, technical specs..etc etc etc! 2weeks from now.. and i'm out of my here! i'll be strolling along the white sands of Bohol Beach Club! hahaha

Blog Blog

Congratulations! have successfully created my own blog site. Never imagined myself publicly enabling web surfers to have a glimpse of my daily thoughts!
I just happen to browse my husband's blog site this morning..and was kinda curious how it feels to talk about anything and have it recorded and available online!
Lucky for me i have an internet connection here in the office...but oooppss, this blogging thing is 'illegal' here hehe how i wish my blogsite won't be blocked by our IS personnel marshalls. Sobrang strict a! Imagine, even the Miss Universe site was blocked?? hehehe paranoid!
Will be updating this blog site often..until i am enabled to do so!