Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coffee Break!

I had enough! After 2 consecutive meetings.. and with another one which i still need to attend to-- scheduled to start at 4:30 ( whoever scheduled this meeting is clearly not aware of the legal 8 working-hour thing!) and with an approximate duration of 2.5 hours!-- my brain seems to be not properly functioning now. Today is clearly not my lucky day hehehe! Fortunate enough, the last meeting was adjourned 30 minutes early and thus i had the luxury to at least take a coffee break before the next meeting starts.

This has always been my life here in the office. I never had the chance to be 'idle' for sometime. But despite of this, i love my work.. i lovewhat i do Naks! It feels so good that at the end of each day, i have accomplished something and have contributed enough to the company which i owe a lot to (specially the trip pass that enables me to journey 'around the world for free' hehehe sarap!)


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