Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jacket time!

I rarely wear my jacket here in the office, but today i had the chance to put it on! Its raining heavy outside and the aircon is set to max...huh, really cold! Plus the fact that the centralized aircon (aside from the box type aircon installed near my area) is perfectly providing cooool air. Naks!

It's already fifteen minutes past the hour of one... which means siesta is over! But i'm still not in the mood to return to work. I'm still so sleeeeepyyyy zzzz...zzzzz..zzzz. The room is so quite, as if inviting me to take another short nap. I remember several months ago, while i'm still expecting.. i am allowed to take loooong sleep and be back to work as late as 2pm! hehehe

Need to plug my earphones now! Music has always been my means of fighting this 'dont want to return to work after lunchbreak' attitude (Had the chance to copy Nina Live! mp3 from my officemate... ang ganda! ).


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