Monday, June 06, 2005

Loooong Meeting

Just got out from a very loooooong meeting! and the worst part of it... no merienda was served! huh...need to walk out several times to get some cookies in my area hehehe. Everyone were very 'in to' discussing unexpected behavior of Plone in the test/training instance of Infoserve website. Well, this project is just one of the many 'experimental' thing i was not that alarmed when after a series of testing in the unit instance... and after several days of QA testing.. Plone is still not behaving as expected in the training box after a successful OSS and DBADS deployment!

Who in the first place suggested to use Plone as the company's intranet CMS? or should i say mandated? The first batch of training was claimed to be successful last Friday, so i was just wondering earlier...why on earth are we discussing a move to scratch out the Plone thing ang get back to the initial step of CMS requirement analysis when in fact...the user training is now on its final stages and the upper management is clearly eyeing a go go of Plone to production? Will this be another Star Office thing? Gulo nyo a! If only I have the power to say such thing as "can you please make up your mind???" or "think! moron.." hehehe.

I was not part of the initial Plone project..and now..when it seems that Plone is not behaving as expected... my boss wanted me to part of the project team. Fair noh?? Plus, was mandated to conduct an extensive analysis on CMS requirements and comparison of several commercial and open-source CMSs... initally my reaction was "'yoko nga! you started that...tapusin nyo!" heheh but of course that was for myself lang! mahirap na mawalan ng trabahon ngayon merong free airline ticket!

Speaking of airline ticket.. have checked the booking of MNL-TAG-MNL earlier and confirmed that the flight to Tagbilaran, Bohol is still open..hehe That means, it's a definitely GO! to Bohol Beach Club...rain or shine!


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