Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Janssen Aaron

Janssen Aaron is exactly 6month-old today! He's a BIG BOY now, hehehe. Aside from eating his toes (he's sooo good at this!), he has surpassed several milestones now. He can sleep on his own now, no need of tapping, dancing and singing huh!. He eats small portions of almost everything..and i mean everything... chocolate cake, longganiza, kare-kare, biscuits, etc etc etc. At his age, Janssen already know that his name is JANSSEN. Call him by his name and he will surely look towards you as if asking you....why are you calling me?? hehehe.

I love it when i see Janssen smiling and giggling! He has already uttered his first word...dadada! He has a lot of stuffed toys to play around with... but Elmo and Awaw are his favorite! Joel and I managed to buy him a car-type walker (2-in-1 baby-blue colored rocking chair & walker) last week. With music and lights on, i know Janssen loves playing around (or shoud i say eating every single part of his car dashboard and side mirror! hehehe) with his very own auto!


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