Friday, June 03, 2005


While everybody is busy packing up and moving things around the area (yahooo! office renovation time!), i'm here quietly unable to do my share of clearing the site due to tons of work waiting to be accomplished. Quite unfair huh? TGIF... it's suppose to be 'half-day' work here?? pressured with deadlines, i never had the chance to at least take a coffee-break for the last 3 days...tsk tsk..pitty!

My boss is not around today.. When the cat is away...naah! Nevermind! Need to finish all pending tasks...undending program checkout, cms requirement analysis, technical specs..etc etc etc! 2weeks from now.. and i'm out of my here! i'll be strolling along the white sands of Bohol Beach Club! hahaha


Blogger reah said...

elo mrs bauca..welcome to the blogworld!Ü

5:53 AM  

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