Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Never had the chance to update this blog site for the past couple of weeks Ü Damn! im sooooo busy gggrrrr! Lucky for me yesterday was declared non-working holiday... had the luxury to rest and be with my big boy Janssen (he turned 7month-old last Thursday).

As a first time mom, i'm kinda fascinated with Janssen's tricks. Aside from the 'close-open' thing (he already mastered this as early as 4 months!), he's starting to giggle with peeckaboo games. Although he still can't pull himself up to a standing position (hehe my baby can't even crawl pa e... late bloomer!), if you stand him next to the sofa, he's now able to maintain the posture, hanging on for his dear life!

Have to work now. I don't want to stay late today.... not again! For the past 3weeks... and up to now..work seems endless for me! Had to start my day before the clock strikes 8! When it rains. . . it pours! big time! Ü


Blogger Fung said...

ang cute naman ni janssen. sabi ko nga kay joel wait ko nalang sya eh hehehe!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Megs said...

of course! cute si mommy hehe kaya cute din si baby! Ü

10:24 PM  

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