Tuesday, November 01, 2005

KL trip

Was on-board PR507 last friday to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ETD 1500H but the flight was one-hour delayed. Actual time of departure was 1600H, KUL is 3.5 hours flight from MNL.. we arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 2000H.
No itinerary on the day of our arrival to KUL, since we arrived late na. We stayed at Phantai Hill Park, fully furnished-condominium type with 3 bedrooms. Thanks to Bajon (husband of my friend Ruvee) for allowing us to squat sa place nya (imagine, 7 kami nakituloy!).
Second day (SAT), had to wake up early. . . our first stop is the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Cab from Phantai Hill to Univeristi Stn (MRT) - KLCC Stn. We were scheduled 11.15 for the guided Skybridge visit Petronas Twin Towers.
Third stop for the day, lunch at Nandos resto (parang Kenny Rogers!)..sarap ng food specially the chicken & ceazar salad!
After lunch, we went to the market place, close to Chinatown to buy pasalubong (hehe aga ng shopping for pasalubong..first day!).
Last stop for the day is Lowyat Plaza..sort of I.T.mall in KL. Had to pickup my brother-in-law's HP Pavillion DV1317 laptap here, Cycom Enterprise. My friends also bought several items in this place.. mas cheaper daw dito as comparad to Singapore e! My friends managed to buy Canon's latest photoprinter here for only Php6000 (as per them, price daw nito sa Pinas is Php13-14000)...hehe panic buying sila!

Day 2, we went to Batu Caves. 200+ steps plus monkeys all over! huhu exciting at sobrang nakakpagod!

After Batu Caves, we went to Genting Highlands via cable car (SouthEast Asia's fastest and longest cable car) .

See some of our pics here Ü


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